The adoption of new legislation and the proliferation of regulatory demands force insurance companies to continuously implement rigorous regulatory requirements to remain compliant.

This puts a lot of pressure on insurers' functional and technical teams as it requires massive adjustments to their IT systems and business processes. Nevertheless, insurance companies must find a way to comply to avoid hefty fines and timely comply with new obligations.

Modern technology allows insurers to efficiently navigate their business through an increasingly complex regulatory environment. With AdInsure, a standard insurance platform, you can ensure that compliance is efficiently embedded into your core systems and across all the modules and insurance processes you need.

You'll learn about:
  • Important legislative developments due to geopolitical risks and highly volatile financial markets that will affect insurers in 2023 and beyond
  • ESG regulations' impact on the insurance sector and what insurers need to prepare for in order to meet these expectations and requirements in the near future
  • Simplified management of compliance changes using modern insurance platforms like AdInsure over legacy core systems  

Learn from the industry experts 

Receive important industry insights on compliance in the insurance industry from our esteemed panelists


Gorazd Čibej

Director, Insurance Supervision Agency

Marko Sumina2-modified

Marko Sumina

Product Manager for Data Analytics and Compliance, Adacta

Dimitrios Mazarakis

Director, Deloitte Sustainability Consulting Central Europe