The use of low-code is gradually gaining traction within the insurance sector, as it provides considerable advantages in areas such as digital transformation, improved customer and self-service experiences, and faster internal processes and operations. In this webinar on demand, our expert speakers discussed:

  • the results of our original Adacta survey on low-code adoption in the UK, France, DACH, and Benelux. You will gain valuable insights into the current state of low-code adoption, the impact of low-code tools, trends in investments, and the benefits and obstacles of low-code adoption in the insurance industry
  • how CLEVR's low/no-code solutions, helped a Netherlands-based marine insurance specialist, automate their insurance application process, reduce administration time, and insure their customers within 24 hours
  • how AdInsure, Adacta's low-code insurance platform, helps insurers streamline the product lifecycle from design to distribution and reach business innovation objectives

Learn from the industry experts 

Receive important industry insights on low-code in the insurance industry from our esteemed panelists

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Sebastjan Plavec

Chief Marketing Officer, Adacta

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Camilo Gaviria

Chief Technology Officer, Clevr

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Tomaž Bartolj

Chief Product Officer, Adacta